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60 V, 360 mA N-channel Trench MOSFET TO-236 3-Pin
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85-265VAC Input: 12V/30W Two-Switch Flyback Reference Design
The PMP10936 reference design uses the UCC28740 to provide an isolated 12V at 2.5A output.  The UCC24636 is used to control a synchronous recitifer for high efficiency.  The two-switch flyback topology recycles the transformer's leakage energy and provides a further improvement in efficiency.
PMP10736 CN
PMP10736 2.5W 隔离式 Fly-Buck 电源模块参考设计
The PMP10736 reference design is a single isolated outputs Fly-Buck power module. The Fly-Buck design with the LM5160 regulator provides a simple and compact solution for isolated power supply.
TIDA-01448 效率达 93% 的 5V、1A、具有成本效益的单层 TO-247 LDO 更换参考设计
此参考设计展示了一款解决方案尺寸较小的高效率、低 EMI 直流/直流模块,可用于替代主要家电中的 LDO。使用直流/直流模块替代 LDO 可以显著提高系统效率,不仅能减小解决方案尺寸并节省 BOM 成本,而且还无需使用散热器。此模块占用空间与 TO-247 封装相同,并且与 TO-220 LDO(如 UA7805)引脚到引脚兼容,便于快速评估和缩短产品上市时间。TPS561201 电源转换器可在满载、低负载和待机状态下增加输出电流并降低功耗。此模块大小与 TO-247 封装相同,引脚与 TO-220 LDO 兼容,便于快速评估和缩短产品上市时间。
400-V to 690-V AC Input: 50-W Flyback Isolated Power Supply Reference Design for Motor Drives
This reference design provides isolated +24V (45W): ±16 V (4.5W): and +6V (0.5W) outputs to power the control electronics in variable speed drives.  The power supply can be either powered directly from 3-phase AC mains (380Vac to 690Vac) or can be powered from the DC-link voltage (400Vdc to 1200Vdc).  This design uses a quasi-resonant flyback topology and is rated for 50-Watt total output power.  The line and load regulation of the power supply is designed to be within 5% using primary-side regulation (eliminating costly feedback components). The power supply is designed to meet the clearance: creepage: and isolation test voltages as per IEC61800-5 requirements.
24Vin: 5V6A Power Module Reference Design
PMP40274 is a power module reference design solution for power train applications. The module enables a high efficiency with flyback-CCM synchronous rectifier. The efficiency is >88% at full load. This design features <0.2W standby power. Integrated input UVLO: OVP and output OVP: OCP improves the power system reliability. The design is achieved in a compact form factor (50.8mm X 40.6mm X 15mm).
PMP4387 CN
PMP4387 用于设备电源的交流输入、12V/0.5A 和 5V/50mA 双轨输出
The PMP4387 is a low cost single side PCB board solution for AC in, 12V0.5A and 5V50mA dual-rail output on board design.  By using primary side regulation (PSR) mode chip UCC28722 which drives bipolar power device, typical efficiency as high as 86.4% @230Vac full load is achieved.&nb
250W Push-Pull Converter Reference Design for Automotive
The PMP11186 reference design is a non-isolated Push-Pull converter that operates from 6V - 16Vin and supplies +/- 25V@5A out (250W max).  This design operates at 200KHz with a peak efficiency of 88% (Vin = 12V).
Adjustable output voltage: 200-W SEPIC power supply reference design
This 200-W SEPIC converter reference design supplies a non-isolated adjustable 5-V to 200-V output voltage with a maximum output current of 4 A. Output voltage is set using a 0% to 100% duty-cycle: pulse-width-modulation (PWM) input.
Class 5 PoE PD (12 V/2.5 A) supply reference design with smooth transition to auxiliary
This reference design implements an IEEE802.3bt compliant Class 5 Power over Ethernet (PoE) Powered Device (PD) with smooth transition between the PoE input and an auxiliary supply connected to the output.  The design consists of a 12-V/2.5-A active clamp forward converter utilizing the UCC2897A controller and allows one PoE Power Source Equipment (PSE) supply and one AC/DC wall adapter auxiliary supply to be used in order to decrease the probability of power and data loss in your system.  An IEEE802.3bt compliant TPS2373-4 high power PD controller is utilized to control all PoE functions.In need of an IEEE802.3bt-ready PSE controller? Check out the TPS23881.